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Richard Aerni Pitcher in Warm Gold
murrini madness by Matthew Paskiet
Large Vase handmade by Stephen Kostyshyn
Rusty Dumpster Art Photograph by Bob Walma
Liquid Movement original acrylic painting by Michelle Courier
Early Turn - original painting by Mark Mehaffey
porcelain cup and saucer by Julie Devers
Charm Necklace by Lochlin Smith
Fruit Bowl, Blue & Aqua by Michael Kifer
Wild & Beautiful Original Acrylic Painting by Christi Dreese
Tree Line Encaustic Painting by Ronna Alexander
Between Tides by Lee Ann Frame
Why C2C and Cyndi’s collection?

We believe art brings warmth into your daily life.  Your purchase supports full-time artists and their families.  Plus, 5% of your purchase is donated to feed children in need.

For the past ten years, Cyndi Casemier, owner and a ceramic artist, has created art collections featuring unique pottery; one of a kind hand-blown glass; original landscape and abstract paintings; art photography; original hand-pulled prints; and hand-fabricated women’s jewelry.  You will love the art that she has selected for your daily life and as gifts that will be loved for many years.  Cyndi believes that by having art in your life it connects you to the artist and enhances your day in unique, heart-felt ways.

But, why C2C?  Let’s go back in time.

Cyndi moved to Vermont in 1994 leaving an investment career in Michigan.  She was looking for a way to make new friends and remembered that she loved the arts as a teenager.  She found a group teaching clay classes and started taking courses.  Long story short, Cyndi fell in love with clay – the making of vessels and sculpture.  Soon, she was very involved in the business side of the Vermont art center.  Always taking art courses while helping manage the daily operations.  During this time, meeting artists of all walks of life and taking courses all over the world, Cyndi fell in love with the idea of having fine art and craft in her life.  Each piece purchased had a story:  the artist and their passion for their craft; the making of the item; and the location of the artist’s studio/gallery.  Over time, these handmade items were used on a daily or weekly basis: the lamp for reading; the handmade mug for the first cup of coffee;  the casserole for a family meal; a platter for serving Thanksgiving turkey; the baker for apple crisp; redecorating a living room featuring a much loved original painting; an art photograph for a bedroom; and more.  For more of the story….