A Bowl A Day – Deb Schwartzkopf and her curves.

Deb Schwartzkopf bowls

bowls by deb schwartzkopf


If you have a chance to see Deb Schwartzkopf’s work, you will find curves throughout her work.  Each bowl, cup, plate, teapot feel very feminine.  She throws on the potter’s wheel, hand builds, and combines pieces to create a finished product.   Deb has an extensive resume in clay.  She has a formal ceramics education and one as an assistant to seasoned potters.  This potter works in porcelain.  Originally, Deb fired in a Cone 10 Reduction Kiln using her own formulated glazes.  Recently, she has switched to Cone 6 electric layering and spraying her glazes to achieve similar effects to gas reduction firings.  Luscious work!

Dinner place setting