Anticipation, New Idea, and Dangling Again

It’s ArtWalk Season  
That means art is everywhere in Downtown and Centertown Grand Haven.  We host more than 200 artists inside and outside of the various retail and office spaces.  This year we are exhibiting work by three Michigan artists who live in the Lansing/Williamston area.  Each of these artists have won many awards.  Their work is found in many public and private collections.  A year ago, one of our customers offered to take me on an art tour to her hometown, Lansing.  I had a great day meeting these talented people.  As many of you know, I am a potter.  I love LOVE the ceramic world.    I was thrilled to meet Mark Chatterley (and of course the other artists).  I have followed his work for years, seeing it at national ceramic shows and at SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) in Chicago.  So, for me, to have Mark’s work in the gallery is something that I never would have expected three years ago.  


Mark Chatterley talks about his Sculptural Piece titled “New Idea”:


New Idea by Mark Chatterley“New Idea”


“Athena was born from Zeus leg.  So. I imagine an idea bursting out in a physical form.  A new self image hatching from the old.  These sculptural  pieces are high fired clay, hand built, unique.”  We have other work by Mark in the gallery currently.  Plus, one of his larger sculptural pieces is at the Community Center.  Mark is an ArtPrize artist at the Public Museum in Grand Rapids.


Mark Mehaffey is a well known painter in the Lansing area.  He teaches workshops all over the world.  The Lansing Gallery had an exhibit of several of his paintings – realistic, abstract, and collages.  Later this Fall, Mark has been honored/invited to China to teach plus exhibit in a large show with many internationally recognized artists.  What an amazing experience will be had by he and his wife!   Mark talks about his abstract painting:

Mark Mehaffey“Dangling Again”

“Non-Objective, abstract painting is an exploration of the internal world of the artist. This exploring is shared with the viewer in the form of a painting and while the concepts that drive the imagery may not always be evident, I do hope they invite thought and contemplation.”


Dianne Wolters is a 2D and 3D artist who loves to collect old wooden and metal toys.  She has fun interacting with the objects creating interesting pieces of artwork.  When, I met Dianne, I was immediately comfortable.  She welcomed me into her home and studio showing me her creations.  They were amazing.  So fun, well crafted, with layers of information to consider.  Dianne talks about her entry:

Dianne Wolters“Anticipation”

“The wagon came first. It was an extension of making other wheeled vehicles combined with animals.  As I placed each duck in the wagon, I began to enjoy the community of fellowship among the ducks and it became apparent to me that this piece would be about anticipation. How do we wait? Some of the ducks interact with each other while others wait quietly with patience and grace. There is a sense of anticipation as the question is entertained, what is going to happen next?”


In the gallery, we have several of Mark Chatterley’s sculptures – dogs in several sizes, another human form, a stargazer.  Each piece is interesting and very textured.  I have had many viewers thinking that they are cement.  The human related forms are interesting.  Very narrow and thin at the bottom.  The work grows larger, more life-like as the form evolves into a human-like form with movement reacting to weather, a relationship, or an internal conflict.  
Mark Mehaffey has several paintings in the gallery through October.  His artwalk entry “Dangling Again” is a lovely abstract.  Quiet, but not.  There are layers of patterns, lines, in wonderful composition moving across the canvas space.  We have several variations on this theme, plus plein air paintings covered with an acrylic resin.
Dianne Wolters’ installation is created using papier-mâché.  The red wagon is very light.  Probably only a pound in weight.  The ducks are lovely shades of white, peach, and beige.  Each duck does have a lead weight in his feet to keep him upright.  The black cat ready to pounce on the ducks looks just like any cat that we have watched over time looking and going after something of interest.
All of this year’s entries plus additional work is for sale, with exception to the cat.  Stop in and have a look.  Our lit display windows show this artwork fabulously at night.