Bracelets, bracelets, and more bracelets. Always handmade.

Everyone Loves Bracelets!

When not making pots, you will probably see lots of bracelets on my right arm.  Stacks of them.  Mixed metals and patinas.  Plus my “UP” bracelet.  Yes, I earned one with my second business.  I am not sure whether I like it or not.  Now, I am noting how many steps I take a day and how I sleep. Uggggg……..
At C2C Gallery, every item that you see is made by an artist.  Even our bracelets.  Stop in and check them out.  Mix them in with your other bracelets.


bracelets Mixed metals and patinas

Fish hook bracelet

Men’s and Women’s Fish Hook Bracelets


Sterling Silver Bracelet

Silver Cuff

Organic Silver Cuff

Birch Tree Bracelet

Birch Tree Cuff

Lochlin Smith bracelet

Charms and more