Creativity and Imagination, Denna has it.

Good morning.  We are open this morning at 11.  I hope you had a nice day yesterday, whatever you chose to do.  The snow is beautiful, but a bit early for me.

I woke to an email from Anita Yoder,  Designs on the Grand, letting me know that one of our artists is featured in the newest edition of West Michigan Women’s Magazine.   Next month, we are hosting a book signing for local artist, Denna Arnold.  She was interviewed by West Michigan Women’s Magazine several weeks ago.  The article hit the airwaves this morning.

Denna Arnold in her studio

Check it out by clicking on her image.

I found one mistake in the article stating that C2C is located in Muskegon.  As you know we are located in Grand Haven.  Erika Rose did a nice job with the article.  Denna and I appreciate her time.   On Friday, December 6,  6-8pm, we will be hosting Denna’s illustrations for the book.  Zachary Graft will be playing his violin throughout the evening.  Then, on the next Friday, 5-7pm,  Denna’s book, “Grandpa, what happened to your hair?” will be available in the gallery.  Denna will be in the gallery to personalize your copy of her book.  Enjoy your day!