Cyndi’s Art Collection




June’s Featured Art:  I continue with my “oohing and aahing” about the art in our gallery.  Each item is so lovely!  Summer months are usually filled with weddings and graduation parties.  With the world pandemic, we will be celebrating differently this year.  But, they still need to be acknowledged.  Let us help you select the perfect gift.  We will create a wonderful experience for the bride and groom or graduate.

For the past ten years, Cyndi has curated art collections featuring unique pottery; one of a kind hand-blown glass; original landscape and abstract paintings; art photography; original hand-pulled prints; and hand-fabricated women’s jewelry.

You will love the art that she has selected for your daily life. Gifts given that will be loved for many years.  Cyndi believes that by having art in your life, it connects you to the artist, and enhances your day in unique, heart-felt ways.  You will find an ever changing selection of unique art are below.  Thank you for shopping with us.  We appreciate it.