I learned a new word today – arborglyphs

Spring is on its way.  Here in Michigan, we continue to be reminded that we can still have winter – snow, rain, sun, clouds.  One of our artists, Christi Dreese, has been busy painting all winter.  We have one of her new paintings.  It’s focus is of beech trees here in the midwest.  I have a thing for tree bark.  I love its texture and differences between species.

Christi Dreese beech trees

Beech trees have a smooth bark that creates a wonderful surface for decorating.  I can think of a fun project with kids using charcoal to draw on the tree.  Returning later in the summer or the following year to see if their design still remains.
Did you know that Native Americans would carve into beech trees?  There is a tradition: the creation of “arborglyphs” for honoring those who have passed, carving words into the species tree that is most associated with learning, words, books, and knowledge.  So, if you are hiking in the midwest, have a closer look at the beech trees that you find.  You may find carvings that were not done as vandalism but honoring a loved one.