Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Don Reitz with a large pot

I know, I already posted about the Racine Art Museum today.   But, I found an article about Don Reitz that I didn’t want to lose.  Don Reitz passed away this week.  He was a leader in the ceramics world.    I heard him speak at SOFA-Chicago several years ago.  I loved his energy.  It was on my bucket list to visit him in Arizona.   Too late.  A reminder that at this point in my generation’s lives, we need to do what is really important to us.  You never know what tomorrow brings.  So, start checking off those bucket list items.

platter by Don

Click on Don’s platter to read the article about him at SOFA


At SOFA, Don talked about the healing power of working in clay.  He had a young relative that was ill.  Don started making clay projects with this little person.  Soon, they were making platters with her drawings.   I remember him talking about her lack of inhibition, so he started doing more drawing on clay.  He said it was very freeing to just make and see what happened.   Don will be missed by many.  Life is not a Dress Rehearsal.


Don Reitz's Spirit Bags

Don Reitz Sculpture