Nationality is Doubtful – we are all citizens of the Earth


Chicago is one of my favorite cities.  I love visiting – water, great food, art, shopping, and more.  The Art Institute of Chicago is one place I try to spend at least an hour, each time I am there.  Each visit, we head to my favorite area of the museum – Asian bronzes.  The Institute is hosting a photographic exhibit of Josef Koudelka’s work through the middle of September.  It looks like it will be a good one to make an effort to see (not saying that all of their exhibits aren’t wonderful).

image by josef koudelka

The Institute is hosting an exhibit of Josef Koudelka’s images since 1968.  He took pictures during the Russian invasion of Prague which them sent him into exile.  He camped throughout Europe for more than 30 years.  You will see images of gypsies, village festivals, military engagement, and more.  Real people in real situations that can be quite ugly.  I’ve attached a video with Josef talking about his life and work.  A road trip to Chicago is a must very soon for Brian and me.

Josef KoudelkaJosef Koudelka on Photography and Nationality