handmade salt and pepper shakers on a table

handmade coffee pourover with hand painted raven

raven spoon rest with 2 others on a table


Cory McCrory is a paper clay artist from Illinois. Her pottery is whimsical, functional and hand-built. She uses color in a wonderful way.  Cory combines the age-old art of the potter with newer ideas and techniques. Together, this expresses her creative and inventive imagination.  Her artwork is one of a kind.

Her use of paper clay sets her ceramics apart from other potters. Cory recycles cardboard cup-holders and egg cartons to make her own paper clay. Her work is extremely lightweight as a result.  She creates art that is environmentally friendly, less cardboard in landfills, and fun art.

Fun fact about Cory; She worked at a living history site for nearly 15 years. In the pottery shop, at a kickwheel, in full costume.