Lochlin Smith

Lochlin Smith was born in Greenwich Connecticut. His father and mother were talented portrait and visual artists. Early in life, Lochlin realized that artistic expression and hand work were in his blood, and that 9-5 jobs were not.  He attended a NYC college focusing on abstract painting.
In 1972, he left the intensity of the city and moved to Vermont. He set up a studio in an old barn and began sculpting and painting. After a few years, he found himself designing jewelry. He twisted, torched, pounded, and shaped bronze rods and sheets into unusual, one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, pins, and neckpieces.
Lochlin draws inspiration from his own Celtic ancestry, as well a from Aztec, Egyptian, and aboriginal artisans – reinterpreting, never copying, the visions of these ancient masters. The natural world has always captured and held his imagination as well, as evidenced by the organic twists and turns of the pliant metal.
Lochlin Smith Designs are available throughout the US at many fine art and craft galleries.
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