Mary Kingsbury





2014kingsburyI am an art educator and clay jewelry maker.  I retired from teaching art to elementary age children after 49 great years. This gives me more time to spend creating my clay jewelry.

I belong to the West Michigan Potters Guild, and participate in both the Fall and Spring shows.

Stoneware and porcelain are the clays that I use. Because my work is small, my tools are quite simple. I use a rolling pin, a potter’s knife and thousands of gadgets to make impressions in the wet clay. I also create my own tools from wood and clay. I have been know to spend hours in a hardware store searching for something new to print with.  Once created, the clay pieces are bisque fired and then each piece is individually glazed and fired again to cone ten ( 2300 degrees ).  I have always been interested in pattern, texture and earthy colors.

My clay jewelry reflects this lifelong interest. I search for inspiration in nature… veins of leaves, texture of pebbles, cracks in dry mud, scales on fish, wind blown sand, snowflakes, etc.  I am married to my dear, artist husband, Michael. We live in the country with our Scottish Deerhounds Oliver, Rosie and our cat Xena, (the warrior princess).

I hope you enjoy my work.

Call us at 616-935-7337 or inquire here for more information regarding current work for sale.