Melissa Kuzniar





Melissa is a West Michigan native and self-taught artist. Her wearable artwork is inspired by nature, as well as the early techniques of the artisans who pioneered her craft. She lives on the shores of Lake Michigan, where she has no shortage of materials or inspiration. Her silk designs employ various textile techniques such as Batik, Japanese Shibori, marbling, and a personal favorite, natural dying. In this case, she creates dyes from sustainable, organic materials sourced from local businesses or by personally hand harvesting from carefully selected locations. The goal of natural dying is to minimize any environmental impact. Her natural dying is homage to Michigan and her childhood spent among its plentiful forests and glorious waterways. Attaining a multitude of colors from a single plant is very exciting and harvesting her own dye materials from forests and her garden reminds her of times passed enjoying nature with her family. It is also very humbling, and gives her a greater appreciation for the artisans who have come before her. With the world ever growing and moving faster, she hopes her wearable art will inspire others to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty the world has to offer. 
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