Michael Kifer

Michael Kifer Mug

Michael Kifer mkc-71-125usd

Brightly colored ceramic serving bowls by Michael Kifer

Michael Kifer-MKC-1

Michael Kifer artist at c2c gallery
Michael Kifer is our master of color.  His ceramic work is vibrant with bold colors and unique forms.

Michael combines his love of clay and color to bring art for our everyday lives into our homes and offices.  They also make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Michael has won numerous awards throughout the U.S. and is recognized as a Master Potter.  A list of Michael’s awards would take up an entire page; the following are a few highlights:

Boston Mill’s Art Fest – Best in Show Clay
Boston Mill’s Art Fest – Award of Excellence
Ann Arbor Summer Art Fest – best in show Clay
Winter Park (Utah) Arts Festival – Best in show Clay



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