Aries Astrological Mug by Tom Edwards

Taurus Astrological Mug by Tom Edwards

Pisces Astrological Mug by Tom Edwards

Gemini Astrological Mug by Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards in kiln
Tom Edwards has the imagination and the ability to put life’s issues and current events into hysterical perspective.  Whether it is a child going off to college or those life events that we can all relate to, Tom has the ability to capture our silliness and make us laugh about it.

Tom’s work is sold throughout the country and he is a full-time potter, and certainly a full-time wit.  Start your day with his funny and irreverent characters; they are sure to make you smile.

Edwards’ well-known character Wally the dog appears on many of the mugs.  Wally can get himself into wild situations and holds forth with his own brand of wit.

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