Aqua Blue Tall Mug


Need a reminder of warmer days on the beach? Enjoy a beverage of your choice in this handmade, tall, colorful coffee or tea mug by Michael Kifer.

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“I want people to smile when they see my work. I believe that my art is fun, and it shows in the colors of my work. “

Michael Kifer enjoys a painterly approach to clay, treating each piece as a three-dimensional canvas and using colors from fashion that inspire him. The unusual colors and textures not normally associated with ceramics are what set his work apart. He hopes that his work will make you smile.

Kifer hand builds and throws pieces from white earthenware clay, which enhances the colors he applies later. He adds a variety of textures using household objects and other found items. He then airbrushes color on the smooth forms to juxtapose the textured finishes with metallic patinas.

Michael combines his love of clay and color creating art for our everyday lives.  These pieces make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Michael has won numerous awards throughout the U.S. and is recognized as a Master Potter.  A list of Michael’s awards would take up an entire page; the following are a few highlights:

Boston Mill’s Art Fest – Best in Show Clay.
Boston Mill’s Art Fest – Award of Excellence.
Ann Arbor Summer Art Fest – best in show clay.
Winter Park (Utah) Arts Festival – Best in show clay.

Visit Michael’s artist page to see more of his work!


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