Handblown Glass Paperweight – Fireapple


Matthew Paskiet Fireapple Azul Series

The Legend of the Fireapple ~ Rebirth • Respect • Protection

Legend tells that when the native people celebrated important events such as a birth, marriage, hunt or change of seasons, they would build a great bonfire in the oak savannah. The fire, fueled by the oak trees, would be so powerful and enduring, that the unique condition would melt the sand and oak ash embers around it into an ancient form of glass. After cooling, the glass would be collected and given as a sign of rebirth, respect, peace, harmony and protection. Matt makes the fireapple today to keep that tradition alive, just as the natives have for thousands of years. May they watch over you at important times of your life and everyday in your home and your heart.

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The legend of the fireapple – rebirth, respect, protection. This Fireapple Glass Paperweight was handblown by Ohio artist, Matthew Paskiet.

Matthew Paskiet is a native of The Glass City, Toledo, Ohio. He began his study of glassblowing at The Toledo Museum of Art in 1993. He then went on to study at the Pilchuck School of Glass in 1998. In 2001, he studied at Fundacio Centre del Vidre in Barcelona. Matt also refined his skills by assisting Dale Chihuly’s Boathouse Studio team in a major installation. Matt has taken his training with some of the very finest purveyors of the art of glass blowing. He has taken that influence and created this stunning work you see on these shelves.

Artist Statement

I see the artist as creator. We take raw material and transform it into objects that hold aesthetic significance, creating beauty from virtually nothing. Despite my critical eye, a sense of wonder emerges every time I cast my first gaze upon a finished piece. The object I hold in my hand today was nothing more than an idea and a pool of molten liquid yesterday.


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