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For the past ten years, Cyndi has curated art collections featuring unique pottery; one of a kind hand-blown glass; original landscape and abstract paintings; art photography; original hand-pulled prints; and hand-fabricated women’s jewelry.  You will love the art that she has selected for your daily life. Gifts given that will be loved for many years.  Cyndi believes that by having art in your life, it connects you to the artist, and enhances your day in unique, heart-felt ways.  An ever changing selection of unique art are below.  Thank you for shopping with us.  We appreciate it.

Overlooking the Bluff

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Christi Dreese is a contemporary artist living in West Michigan. Her distinct painting style radiates joy and expresses the laid-back lakeshore lifestyle. You will find vibrant colorful landscapes; water and boats; unique flowers; and abstract paintings are brought to life.

This artist has received several awards for her artwork. Christi has been in several regional exhibitions. Plus, a recipient of various awards from the Grand Rapids Regional Festival of Arts and Grand Haven’s Winterfest. Ms. Dreese’s artwork can be found in numerous private and corporate art collections throughout the United States.

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