This world is but a canvas… tribute to the artists participating in ArtPrize and ArtWalk.

Brian and I have been talking about ArtWalk and ArtPrize, a lot, over the last few days. It is hard to believe that both events will be upon us shortly.  We are excited to host a Chicago artist, Christine Bishop, who grew up in Grand Haven.  
Over the last 7 years, ArtPrize and ArtWalk  have shown us that art comes in many forms.  These two events have caused many individuals (some professional artists and some who have never dared) to create something that interests them, take risks, and put it on display to hear what viewers think about their art.
When you visit C2C Gallery, you will find so many different techniques and styles using paint, clay, glass, wood, metal, silk, paper, ink and more.  I believe that everyone is creative.
I had to share this video composed by Bob Walma  two years ago.  He shows his wide range of skills in taking pictures of Christi Dreese’s daughters, Christi’s paintings, and then merging them with wonderful quotes about creativity.

Three years ago, my daughter wrote a poem while riding a train to the midwest.  She then created a mural for it and painted it on the back of C2C Gallery.  Bob Walma composed this video celebrating her creative spirit.  You will hear her reading her poem in the background.

Grand Haven’s ArtWalk and Grand Rapid’s ArtPrize begin on September 21.  I hope to see you around town at both events.  Have fun!