Volunteering for ArtWalk 2016

Students at ArtWalk

GHAPS 4th Graders visit ArtWalk

For the last three years, I have helped organize a class trip to ArtWalk for Grand Haven Area Public School’s Fourth Graders. The first year, we created chalk art tessellations with the students. In 2015, the students spent the morning looking at the Detroit Institute of Art’s traveling exhibit.  Grand Haven was one of the first towns outside of Metro Detroit to host their traveling exhibit.  We loved watching residents and visitors consider these reproductions from their collection.  

DIA exhibit in Grand Haven

The administration and teachers at Grand Haven have been wonderful to work with organizing this class trip.  It has been interesting for me to watch the teachers discuss what the students could learn from their visit to ArtWalk. What has impressed me is how collaboratively they work together to offer the best possible opportunity for our kids.  The students will view the different entries and encourage them to “See, Think, and Wonder” about art.  

This year, we have decided to focus on music as an art form.  There has been a problem with suicides in the high school and bullying throughout all of the different buildings.  My friend, Susan Picking, is a singer/song-writer.  She created a new album focused on kind, positive interactions between all of us.  Susan asks us to consider that the child/adult who is quiet or loud might be wrestling with something that we have no knowledge.  We need to be kind, being different from one another is ok, even great.  Susan attended Mary A. White Elementary, is a touring musician who currently resides in Beloit Wisconsin.  She will sing and play her impactful Hip Hop ArtPrize piece, “No Bully” on Wednesday, September 28 at 12:15pm.  Art and Music are inspirational teaching tools for children that invite creativity, connection, and enthusiasm.  It utilizes all of our senses and provides access for all learning styles in getting to know our world.