What if I give you the first line?

On NPR yesterday, they were talking about having children write poetry.  The commentator suggested the first phrase/line could be:  “What I have learned about grief….”.

Yes, I love this idea of a project.  I really REALLY don’t like the first phrase that they started.  How about: “This week for the first time, I wondered about….”?  How about: “If I could win a new award and I would be the first recipient, the award would be…….”?

If I could win a new award and I would be the first recipient, the award would be…..

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During our morning coffee, we talked about what our award would be.  My first attempt was being a Turner Award winner.  He corrected me that it had to be a new award.  He asked what is the Turner Award. I told him to “google” it.  He laughed.  His award was to be “The Best Patriarch”.  I loved this idea.

Just think:  the wise man who never judges, just nudges the younger generation towards something good.  He would always be available.  Always patient.  He wouldn’t have all of the answers but plenty of time to listen.  I had two grandpas who had time for me.  I feel so very fortunate.  For me, I would widen the term to include any man or woman – maybe “elder”.

Now, you know how my day started.  I hope yours started just as nicely.  Have a good day everyone.  Get creative and write that poem or short story.  Take care, C2.

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