What is C2C Gallery’s Blog About?

Becky Rotter's Bird BowlBecky Rotter’s Bowl

I was asked yesterday “What is C2C Gallery’s blog about?”

It’s Art Every Day – 365 Days a Year

Well, I try to write about art or an artist that I learn about, whether that is one of the artist’s in C2C, one that I meet, or grabs my attention.  I would like the blog to be a diary of my creative and business life.  In 2013, we started interviewing our artists.  I will continue doing this throughout the year.  Check out my earlier posts where I interview Johnny Quirin, our current exhibit.

The gallery’s Facebook page is used for daily happenings in the gallery and around West Michigan.  Our events and classes have a tab, so you can see what is coming up.  It is also a pictorial diary for the gallery.  You can see our videos that Bob Walma created over the last three years.

Bob Walma's Winter SceneBob Walma’s Winter Pier Scene – Winter Video

C2C’s newsletter is used to let you know about new shows and other events like local fundraising efforts, plus recipes.  At times, I match a piece of ceramics with a recipe.  If you are one of our loyalty customers, you will receive notices of special offerings of my pottery, Bob Walma’s photographs, or Christi Dreese’s paintings.

IMG_20140108_103414Christi Dreese’s oil, Grand Haven Pier